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Case Studies

Our comprehensive, pragmatic experience allows us to focus more on solving problems than defining problems, getting our clients the results they want quickly and efficiently.

Single Operating Certificate Acquisition

CAVOK is the industry leader in SOC acquisition. We’ve guided multiple major carrier mergers to achieve a single operating certificate. As part of CAVOK work for selected clients in SOC acquisition, the team has led the SOC integration process and defined the SOC strategy, developed senior-level strategy, developed and coordinated communications with all FAA stakeholders, played an integral role in the integration management office (IMO) harmonization strategy, coordinated the communication strategy with the FAA, and developed a partition approach to address unique operation requirements and enable SOC award in record time.

Technical Data IT Platform Transfer

Leaders of a large air carrier were preparing to move to a new IT platform, but worried about the integrity of the existing parts data. The carrier hired CAVOK to sample the legacy system’s data and assess the identified concerns. CAVOK then developed a data validation and cleansing approach with the carrier using CAVOK’s tools. The resulting distributed work model ensured consistency while providing the carrier transparency to completed work and escalated issues. A combined team of data analysts and engineers from the carrier and CAVOK updated both the legacy IT system and the source documentation and prepared the data for transfer.

Maintenance Program Assessment

A large air carrier with a fleet of narrow-body aircraft engaged CAVOK to identify improvements to the maintenance program. CAVOK started by comparing the actual processes to the document processes, identifying constraints in the flow of information and effective program management. The combined team launched an in-depth review of the maintenance data in accordance with the carrier’s procedural manual guidelines. CAVOK’s proprietary analysis engine allowed the carrier to harmonize maintenance write-up data and create the foundation for intuitive reporting. CAVOK used a data-driven methodology to develop recommendations to align the program with the operational needs of the carrier. More importantly, the approach instilled a shared process among various owners and customers of the maintenance program, ensuring the client can sustain the changes.

Maintenance Planning and Operations Assessment

A niche airline supporting government logistics and operating in remote regions required assistance to improve its maintenance planning capability and to develop processes to meet maintenance support needs in the field. The assessment found the client company was laden with legacy military procedures that had not been adapted to meet the needs of its new commercial business model. CAVOK, having been retained to lead the execution of specific deliverables related to maintenance planning and programs functions, completed these initiatives on time and on budget, enabling the airline to improve its mission readiness capability by 30 percent.

Airframe MRO Turn-Around-Time Improvement

A large independent airframe MRO was struggling to complete airframe heavy checks on time and budget, affecting customer relations and hangar capacity. CAVOK was engaged to first diagnose the root issues and to help the client establish a successful proof-of-concept improvement effort to demonstrate the potential for the facility. CAVOK developed a roadmap for hangar delays improvement. The first aircraft produced under the new process represented a 30 percent improvement on historical performance.

Quality Assessment and Improvement Strategy

CAVOK conducted a quality assessment for a major airframe MRO seeking to decrease aircraft damage and quality escapes. The MRO also wanted to improve its relationships with air carrier clients. CAVOK identified and quantified operational performance and quality shortcomings. We then determined whether, and to what extent, performance and quality gaps were addressable with current or planned internal improvement efforts. CAVOK defined a short-term mitigation strategy to capture immediate operational performance and quality improvement gains at the facility level. Lastly, we developed a long-term strategy to sustain the improvements and recover facility performance on a lasting basis.