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CAVOK supports certification, safety, and operational initiatives for clients worldwide.

Technical Consulting and Training

The CAVOK team brings with it the extensive experience and passion about delivering meaningful, real results to our clients. We achieve desired results in a way that is lasting, and where change ownership resides with the client. Providing experienced executives to lead and facilitate the process using a consultative and collaborative approach, we work to continuously build support through the process at all levels within the organization, facilitating internal processes as well as providing external market perspective.

Continuing Airworthiness Management

Airline and fleet operators no longer have to be self-reliant for critical back office technical services to support their operations. CAVOK’s Continuing Airworthiness Management team can support or supplement an operator's technical services organization.

CAVOK’s team delivers the complete package of EASA approval services including: EASA Part M subpart G – Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO), EASA Part M subpart I – Airworthiness Review Certificate (recommendation & issue), Part 145 – Approved Maintenance Organization, and Part 147 – Approved Maintenance Training Organization (EASA certificate). 


  • Certification, Compliance, Quality, & Safety

    Whether applying for a new operating certificate, contemplating changes, or simply running existing operations, certification management requires close attention to the regulatory environment and a deep understanding of the operation.

    CAVOK has the proven expertise to help new and merging carriers gain certification and to help clients certify major operational changes. CAVOK is proud to be one of the first Federal Aviation Administration’s Qualified Certification Consultants (QCC). This FAA program is meant to identify proven and trusted partners to assist with the certification of new carriers. Further, CAVOK supported all of the recent major US carrier mergers. Our methodical, well-orchestrated approach combines the efforts of the carriers, the FAA, and a team of CAVOK professionals to achieve single operating certificate (SOC).

    CAVOK’s highly qualified team can prepare your company’s tailor-made Exposition and Procedures documents that harmonizes with your operating environment and ensures compliance with the latest EASA regulations. We can both develop your regulatory compliance manuals for Part M, Part 145 and Part 147 organizations as well as audit and edit your current documentation to meet EASA, ICAO or CAA standards.

    Regulatory non-compliance and quality escapes are a fact of life in today’s complex and evolving aviation environment. Even the perception of non-compliance has grounded entire air carrier fleets.

    CAVOK offers a wide range of services to help certificate holders confront regulatory failures (or potential failures). CAVOK follows a structured approach to determine if an adequate framework for an effective compliance strategy exists. We start by mapping out potential issues, then expose and define gaps, conduct risk assessments against these gaps, design a strategy to resolve, and execute the corresponding plan.

  • Operations Performance Improvement

    Operational performance improvement process  outlines detailed solutions for implementing the operations strategy for maintenance functions. It focuses on increasing operational efficiency through the improvement of streamlined procedures. Performance activities are focused on process design and optimization, performance improvement, crew scheduling optimization, lean operations benchmarking and performance systems

    CAVOK also designs customized and progressive training programs to meet the specific needs of each project. These training services include revising existing training programs, developing and delivering customized training programs, lean/theory of constraints/value streaming mapping customized programs

  • Program Development and Redesign

    CAVOK works with clients to develop and  redesign operational programs. Our comprehensive action plans address both the strategic and tactical needs of the client in flight, airport and ground operations, performance improvement, cost reduction, crew scheduling utilization, training, and lean operations benchmarking. We follow a structured approach to explore the framework for effective compliance by mapping out issues, defining procedural or regulatory gaps, and executing a plan. We begin by thoroughly assessing existing organizations and programs with a tailored diagnostic, developing an execution plan, and implementing revised processes and procedures.

    The life cycle of a CAVOK program development or redesign concludes with the incorporation of new metrics into a continuous improvement system to ensure the new process achieves the intended objectives. CAVOK’s proven approach to closing regulatory and procedural gaps can be applied to all aspects of a client’s operation.

  • Technical Data Auditing and Validation

    Many operators struggle to validate technical data, such as engineering documents, part masters, and airworthiness directive records. The task is complicated and it carries significant regulatory risks. Further, validation depends on identifying and tracking down missing source documentation, where documents sometimes have owners across multiple departments. If a carrier is moving to a new IT platform, the exercise gets even more difficult. An airline needs a single convening authority with a unified set of objectives.

    CAVOK provides clients varying levels of support including creating plans, managing projects, and cleaning and validating technical data. Our people are experienced in technical aircraft, engine, and component manuals and records. Combined with our unique, proprietary toolsets, our involvement provides a high level of transparency, yielding superior quality and efficiency throughout the process.

  • Aircraft Acquisition & Conformity

    In many ways success of the aviation industry is driven through effective management of the airline fleets and other vast array of assets. As an established provider of worldwide airline and MRO technical services, CAVOK has staff with knowledge and expertise in fleet management, aircraft configuration control, and maintenance program management to deliver a customized turnkey result and make any aircraft acquisition a stress-free process.

    In supporting acquisition and lease transactions, CAVOK has a full menu of services: from full aircraft records inspections, aircraft appraisal and valuations, FAA conformity inspections to aircraft maintenance program bridging, lease contract analysis, administration and management, pre-purchase inspections, and on-site representation and project management at MROs before and after acquisition or leasing transaction.

  • Training

    CAVOK’s training service is tailored to the specific needs of our clients by designing on-demand courses for corporate and commercial operators, MROs, CAMOs, regulators, and the military.

    Clients can choose from a wide range of subjects including:

    •Regulatory compliance (including EASA Part M, Part 145, Part 66 and Part 147 )

    •Aviation airworthiness regulation (including EASA Part 21 certification)

    •Quality assurance

    •Human factors, safety management, and error management

    Courses are open to everyone and take place around the world.

  • Engineering & Technical Services

    CAVOK provides technical support for airline maintenance operators and decision makers. CAVOK teams have supported some the most technologically advanced aircraft fleets, ensuring they operate at the highest level of safety and cost effectiveness.

    Engineering & Technical Services offered by CAVOK include 24/7 Aircraft On the Ground (AOG) support with DER involvement, structural aircraft repairs, Service Bulletin and AD review, reliability performance review, aircraft performance, and weight & balance.

  • Maintenance Program Management

    An air carrier’s performance and profitability are closely linked to maintaining the fleet economically, appropriately, and in an airworthy condition. Those responsible for the technical operation of the airline often spend so much time putting out fires that they cannot dedicate quality time to proactive maintenance programs.

    CAVOK’s team experience and exposure to a wide spectrum of equipment (airframes and engines), operating profiles, corporate cultures, and universal best practices allows it to provide consistent, intelligent, timely, and efficient maintenance program and reliability services to an expanding customer base. CAVOK also can administer and manage a maintenance program (improvement, effectiveness analysis, development, and implementation) and a reliability program (data collection, analysis, immediate and long-term corrective action plans).

  • Reliability & CASS Support

    The most effective airlines have proactive reliability management programs that drive intelligent and dynamic maintenance. Unfortunately, many carriers face resource constraints, uneven relationships with regulatory authorities, and large amounts of un-vetted maintenance data. These challenges can adversely affect the efficiency, timeliness, inherent safety, and scope of the maintenance and reliability program.

    CAVOK supports carriers’ ability to administer and manage both facets of the continuing airworthiness process: the maintenance program and the reliability program. It provides necessary strategic and operational support in reliability/CASS procedures, reliability reporting, analysis, and CASS program administration.

  • Technical Publication Management

    Many operators struggle to manage revisions, including both authoring and tracking. In both cases, CAVOK offers clients a combination of subject matter expertise and technology for publications compliance and conformance. We provide tools and strategies for timely and effective revision management, centralized control and distribution of documents, meeting compliance standards and guaranteed turn-around times.

    For publication service management, CAVOK relies on two proprietary web-based tools: software solution Alfresco streamlines document approvals, reviews and distribution processes, revision controls, and automates document-related tasks, tracking, and reporting.; CAVOK-developed tool ISAT links the contents of its regulatory and industry guidance database to client documents. Once those relationships are established, ISAT becomes a powerful tool to maintain content control of the manual systems and to monitor for continual compliance and conformance.

  • Aircraft Records Management

    CAVOK provides all traditional airline and MRO aircraft operators a stable, reliable aircraft-record-keeping services through a dedicated ATL Operations Center staffed records analysts with significant airline experienced record analysts. Services are provided through a proprietary tool AirVault™ , designed exclusively for aircraft and engine records, which offers the customer a secure, on-line environment, rapid search, storage, indexing and optical character recognition capabilities. Our services include auditing records for completeness and accuracy, initiating customer specific discrepancy resolution processes when required, recording compliance in customer’s M&E IT system when necessary or directed, and archiving and long term storage of hardcopy records via Iron Mountain or other customer selected vendor. 

  • Airworthiness Review Certificates

    CAVOK has a dedicated team ready to confirm your fleet is fully compliant and airworthy by assisting with the following:

    •Issuing Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC)

    •Submitting Airworthiness Review Recommendations (ARR)

    CAVOK has EASA Part M subpart I privileges and can issue ARCs anywhere in Europe, proving that your aircraft has been inspected and pronounced airworthy. We also have readily-available team of qualified experts across a huge range of aircraft types for the issuance of ARRs.

    Our multiple ARC signatories are based across the globe. Wherever you are, we will be able to deliver a flexible and speedy service tailored to your requirements.