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CAVOK is a global aviation services and consulting firm. Our deep expertise and proprietary tools help customers incorporate the latest safety standards, improve process efficiency, and streamline maintenance processes, to reap significant economic benefit.

CAVOK offers technical consulting that supports the development of manual systems and processes that conform to safety management system (SMS) concepts, air carrier mergers and certifications, and aircraft conformity inspections. The company designs and builds aircraft maintenance inspection programs and assists carriers with the associated reliability data collection and analysis necessary to maintain and enhance those programs.

Our other major focus is providing long-term technical services support through M&E Solutions, a unique center of excellence unit, which is focused on engineering, planning, and materials support for airlines, plant operators, and MROs on a 24/7 basis...

Every client's operation is unique, with its own requirements and operational needs. CAVOK works to embrace these differences while still meeting regulatory requirements and continuous quality improvement objectives. Clients include scheduled and unscheduled air carriers, maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) facilities, regulatory bodies, and financiers. 

We also draw on the strategic expertise of our parent, Oliver Wyman.  By combining the operational knowledge of CAVOK with Oliver Wyman’s management consulting experience in the aviation industry, our clients gain access to unique depth and breadth of experience, tools, and acumen. 

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    Oliver Wyman has released its 2016-2026 annual assessment and 10-year outlook of the commercial airline transport fleet and associated maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) market.

    As one of the major cost categories as well as critical to safety management and customer experience, airlines carefully manage their fleet plans and maintenance activities. Fleet renewal, next-gen aircraft and new technologies are significantly influencing the evolution of the MRO industry -- from carbon fiber composites and hybrid alloys with special coatings to affect the frequency and methods of repair, to self-monitoring new generation aircraft that provide gigabytes of data on each flight, and beyond. These new developments will change the face of the industry including how, when and where MRO is performed.